Lulu Newbie? Start Here.

You might have noticed I use some terms on the blog you are unfamiliar with. Here is a guide and some insight on core Lulu pieces for you to get started building your lulu collection:

UPLOAD - Whenever lululemon adds new items to the website. It used to be Thursdays but now it has been moved to Tuesdays. It seems to happen between 11 pm-2 am PST on Monday night.

OOTD - Outfit of The Day - what lulu you are wearing for the day, including style and color.

LOOT - What the We Made Too Much (WMTM) section used to be called. When new things are added to WMTM you might see me write "Loot upload" on the blog. Happens randomly.

TTS - True To Size

GEC - Guest Exchange Centre. The number on the lulu website you can call for product information. (I hate to say it but often times you get bad info about products so double check with someone on the blog or on the lulu Facebook pages). You can also call this to check store stock at your local stores <== this is very handy since stores often are too busy to answer their phones.

Luon, Luxtreme, Circle Mesh, Swiftly, Running Luon, Swift, etc. - Lululemon technical fabrics. Check out their website for descriptions. 

Angel - someone who will go to one of their local stores to buy lulu for you (since your store doesn't have it or you don't live near one) and mail it to you.

TJI - Lulu This Just In Facebook group. A place to discuss lululemon.

Dear Lulu  - Another lulu-related chat group.

Lululemon Exchange, This Just In Swap, Lululemon Trading Post - Facebook pages where you can buy and sell lulu. A word to the wise, use your paypal protections.

CRB - Shorthand for Cool Racerback. Don't ask for this in a store. Most eds won't know what you are talking about.

WU - Wunder Under crops

TTT - Shorthand for Ta Ta Tamer, lulu's most supportive bra.

GW - Gratitude Wrap

DHBH - Don't Hurry Be Happy Pullover

Lulu Basic Wardrobe

So you are new to lulu, what do you buy? That depends on what you intend to use it for. Some of my (and everyone's) favorites:

Cool Racerback - You really can't go wrong with this top. Many people own a few dozen of this tank. It's made of running luon (though sometimes luxtreme or circle mesh). I love this because it's flattering on all shapes and sizes, you can wear your own bra underneath, and it's made of a technical fabric so you can sweat in it or wear it casually. I own about 15 of these and wear both to the gym and casually.

Wunder Under Crops - great basic crop. I personally prefer the Wunder Groove crop. The waist is a bit higher and the legs seem a bit more generously cut. These seem to come out periodically so you have to grab them when they show up.

Swiftly Tanks, Tees, and Longsleeves - another great basic. Lightweight and breathable. Great for running.

Groove Pants - The pants that made lululemon. I think they are fantastic. The double waistband holds you in. The seams down the back of the thigh visually slims you. Love, love, love these.

Scuba Hoodie - Great basic for cooler weather. Very thick French terry. Comes in a ton of colors and patterns.

Define Jacket - My personal favorite technical jacket. Very fitted. Looks great with Groove pants. Unless you are very petite this jacket looks great on just about everyone.

Scoop Neck Tank - looks great on bustier women. One of my favorite tank styles after the CRB and Power Y. Some people find the neck bugs them.

Power Y - Another great basic tank. I like to layer a bra underneath for more support. Half my tank collection is made up of CRBs, Power Ys, and Scoop Neck tanks.

Energy Bra, Free to Be,  and Ta Ta Tamer - The Energy bra is my favorite layering bra. If I need something more delicate I use the Free to Be but it doesn't give my DD chest much support. For running, I really like the Ta Ta Tamer.

Premium Technikini underwear - love these for the gym. They stay in place and don't bunch up. Very lightweight.